By: Debra S. Higginbotham, 5/28/09

Wrapped up in a frenzy, of mindless emotions,
logic escapes me, common sense is scant!
So tolerate me, indulge me and humor me, per se,
as I give in to the whimsy, of a nonsensical rant!

Politicians bore me (and anger me) – it’s true …
the news is alarming (and annoying) – indeed!
The globe warms up, the economy cools down,
and a flu epidemic, is not exactly what I need.

Education is lacking and intellect is eroding!
Wall Street is shaking and the dollar is falling!
Folks are getting fatter, but does it really matter,
in a health care crisis; that too few find appalling!

So bombs are being built, wars are being fought,
disease is being spread – in a world that’s unsteady!
Terrorism abounds – – while new cells are found…
we say that we’re prepared, but are we ever ready?

Now have I depressed you, in this paranoid vent?
Now how shall I conclude – – on a positive slant?
Prayers always help! Hugs and kisses never hurt!
And when overwhelmed – smile, vent and rant!

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

May 28, 2009 – all material is hereby copyrighted

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