The Best Compliment

The BEST Compliment

By: Debra Sue Higginbotham
a.k.a. Healthy Habit Lady

All material is hereby copyrighted.
Originally Written: 10-26-05

What will people think – when they think of me?
Will they see kindness, as party of my personality?

What will people see – when they look at me?
Perhaps Christian kindness, or someone in a hurry?

How will I respond, when my feelings are hurt?
Will my words be sweet, or quick and curt?

How do I sound – when I stop to say “hello”?
Are my words fluffy soft – – like a favorite pillow?

As others speak, do I hear what they say?
Or am I busy planning – the rest of my day?

Am I quick to react, too slow with a smile?
Will my feet be willing – to walk an extra mile?

Will I remember you – – and pray for your needs?
Can I try to testify, and plant the Lord’s seeds?

Will I show mercy – when I’m on the warpath?
Am I slow to anger, or am I quick to wrath?

If I am inconvenienced, am I easily annoyed?
When I see your success, will I be overjoyed?

Will my heart be jealous, or will it be sincere –
as I see you meet, the goals you’ve held dear.

In the midst of darkness, will the Lord’s light glow?
Or will my frustrations – simply start to show?

In the midst of my pain, can I be kind to strangers?
Or will I give in – to the Devil’s many dangers?

What will people say, when they speak of me?
Will I be surprised, of the impression they see?

Time spent in Kindness – is time well spent …
And “She’s Too Nice” – is the BEST compliment.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


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