Animals, Animals

Animals, Animals!

By:  Debra Sue Higginbotham
a.k.a. Healthy Habit Lady

Animals, Animals! They’re just everywhere!

From a tiny ladybug – to a big brown bear.

Some animals are very fast – and some are oh so slow.

Have you ever seen a Tiger run – or watched a Turtle go?

Some animals have many legs – and some have wings to fly.

Have you ever seen an Octopus – or saw a bird in the sky?

Who’s your very favorite bird – maybe it’s an Eagle?

Who’s your favorite puppy dog – could it be a Beagle?

Who’s your favorite fuzzy friend – maybe a Kangaroo?

Or how about an Elephant – or is he too big for you?

I like Kitty Cats – and I just love the way they purr …

and I like petting bunny rabbits – they have silky fur.

I like watching monkeys play – when I am at the zoo …

and I like seeing Dolphins swim – how about you?

Are there any animals – which make your skin crawl?

Such as a scary Bumble Bee – or a mouse inside the wall?

Are there any animals – that simply make you smile?

Such as a pretty Butterfly – or a friendly little reptile?

Some are scary, some are not – some are oh so sweet.

Some fly or swim or crawl – while others walk on feet.

Some make funny noises – like moo, oink or quack.

Some even have stripes – like a Zebra, white & black.

Animals, Animals, everywhere – covering all the Earth.

On the ground, or in the sky – never doubt what they’re worth!

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
This material is hereby copyrighted.
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