I Threw It Out

“I Threw It Out” (a poem I wrote in January 2002)
By: Debra Sue Higginbotham
a.k.a. Healthy Habit Lady
I spoke with my savior … that always makes me smile.
His name is Jesus Christ… and I really like His style.
He helped me do some cleaning – added some thing’s Himself.
Like Faith, Hope and Love – with Love above all else.
He made me throw out Worrying … it was old and in my way.
It kept me from Getting Busy … taking up too much of my day.

I discarded my Inhibitions … they were simply crowding me out.
Made room for my New Growth … purging old fears and doubts.

I removed my stains of Sin – – no time to ponder them anyway.
They are nailed to a Cross … so I can start fresh new today.
Some new thoughts appeared – such as I can, I Must, I will.
Eradicated “I might” … So I could stop standing still.
I picked up a special thing – and placed it on my heart.
I found it – it’s called Peace … it’s a great place to start.
Yes, I’ve cleaned up nice … can’t you see it in my eyes?
for things like Worry and Doubt – have said their good-byes.

Thought for today:
Throw Satan out and bring Jesus in – he’s the best cleaning agent there is !

This material is hereby copyrighted.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


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