Philosophy Expanded

More Philosophy… 

…and because I clearly have a lot to say … here is more on my own personal philosophy ! 

I’m all about being healthy and getting fit. Yes! However; I will never be one to push this mentality of “you gotta get up at 5 am to workout” unless you just enjoy that. I do not believe in making people feel guilty or lazy (and by people I mainly mean me) … for not giving 100%, or if you’re sitting watching tv or relaxing sometimes. Hey, I’ve got four kids, two dogs and a husband, sometimes I need to sit on the couch and relax. 

I understand some people do fitness competitions and if that’s your thing, awesomesauce, but it’s not mine. Unless you have a deadline for some sort of muscleman show, why on Earth should I push my body to the extreme? Workout yes, do what you can when you can yes, obsess about your physique to the point where you suffer physically and mentally and it takes over your life, and you ignore your family? Um, nope, not me. 

I have seen soooo much progress in me, my weight and myself … and my workouts have never once looked as crazy and extreme as some of these “motivational” pics I’ve seen all over Facebook, etc. I will go as far as to say my workouts are probably wimpy compared to most, but I am amazed how effective those wimpy workouts have been. Why should I aim for the “hurt yourself” level? Seriously, people – go at your own pace and don’t stress about it. This will keep it enjoyable for life and you won’t burn yourself out quickly. The ONLY person you need to compare yourself to – is well, YOURSELF. Not me, not Jillian Michaels – – not anybody. 

Meanwhile; I am taking a certification course to become a certified personal trainer, and I show up there every Saturday (just started really). I am 43 yrs old and still have weight to lose. I am completely out of place there. They are younger, hipper, stronger, etc. I probably look like a frumpy mom to them. I do not LOOK like a personal trainer in the least. I am certainly not a fitness model, and have no desire to be. Even if I hit an ideal physique, you’ll never see me on stage because that’s not my goal or my thing. FOR OTHERS, it is – and that is great – but it’s not me, so why compare. 

And you know what – these people in this class, they don’t know me. They don’t know I’ve lost over 100 pounds. They don’t know how far I’ve come and what medications I’ve eliminated through diet and exercise. They don’t know me. SO, do I care that I am a fish out of water in this class? Not in the least. I show up. And quite frankly, I can’t wait to shock the hell out of ’em all. 

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
August 25, 2012
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