The ‘Debra’ Diet

I believe in eating whole unprocessed foods that come from nature as much as possible. I believe in fueling my body with nutrient dense foods for optimal performance in exercise and functional fitness in life. Longevity is my aim and I need to be able to keep up with the kids. I believe in moving your body in whatever way inspires you to get up and move it. I believe in exercising most days of the week if humanly possible, and let’s face it – it is usually possible. I believe in getting good rest. I believe in drinking tons of water. I do not get hung up on spring water vs. distilled water, etc. Water is water and I love to drink it. Finally, I do NOT believe in restricting any certain foods, food groups or macro-nutrients. Carbs are not evil and bacon is not the devil’s tongue. Fruit is enjoyed in abundance around here. I don’t even believe Sugar is poison or wheat is killing us. If you do, that is great for you, stick to your beliefs just as I stick to mine. I don’t label food into groups and I exclude nothing 100%. I believe in enjoying food the way God intended us to do, and not using it as poison or weapons. If you have food addiction issues, it’s not about the food – it’s about something else, and until you figure that out, you’ll always struggle. I do not believe I should have to put a label on my food choices. If something makes me feel like crap, I don’t eat it. If it gives me energy, I go for it. It’s called the ‘The Debra Diet’ because my name is Debra and I eat what is best for ME.


~ Running For Dummies Blog posted some words in a recent blog that really spoke to me because I could almost have written them myself. I am paraphrasing here to state my own philosophy on eating, but wanted to give credit for the inspiration to do so.~

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

December 3, 2012

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