Arugula Anyone?

Um, the very first thing on my ‘try new foods’ adventure for 2013 is Arugula.  I cannot say I was excited by this prospect.  Truly, the thought was getting more and more daunting as the week waned on.  I had planned to try it this Friday (Today)… and I knew I had to do it – just wasn’t really thrilled to do such.  I had been reading and hearing that it had kind of a bitter and peppery taste, and that was really making me nervous.  But a promise is a promise, even if it just a promise to myself … and thus -I had to dive in and do it – – whether I really wanted to do it or not.
Guess what?  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had made it up to be in my mind.  No, I’m not in love with this green mess.  Not at all.  It was a chore to get in a few bites.  But I added lemon juice, and then it wasn’t so bad.  I don’t really like salad dressings at all, so lemon juice usually will do it for me.   I also tried it mixed with spinach and mandarin orange slices and sunflower seeds.  Kind of like a mini salad, if you will.  Again, it was okay.  Not totally in love with this in the least, but it was different.  I definitely will try it again, in a different combination perhaps.  What about you?  What do YOU do with Arugula?
As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
January 18, 2013
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