Fire Within

Fire Within
By: Debra Sue Higginbotham

Copyrighted Material

Motivation is what gets you started,
habit is what keeps you going.
Sometimes half the battle,
is simply the battle of knowing.

Is your fire that burns within…
lighted by you or someone else?
Will it burn long and strong,
if you’re able to light it yourself?

Ability is what you’re capable of,
motivation guides the action …
but your attitude makes the difference
in your level of satisfaction.

Are you inspired by your fear ?
OR perhaps you aim for reward?
Or is there that spark within,
planted there by the Lord ?

Can you boldly walk the talk ?
Or will you wilt like a dying flower?
The choice is up to you, my friend,
you’ve always had the power.

Never trade – – what you want most –
for what you THINK; you want now!
Light that fire – – from deep within …
and praise God, when you take your bow.

Yes, Healthy Habit Lady writes poetry too 🙂
As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
March 1, 2013
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