Weight and Finances

I think for many people (not all) … if they are undisciplined with their money and budget, they are also undisciplined with their diet, or managing their weight. Many people who have trouble managing their weight, also have trouble managing their checkbook.

Things that are important require planning and patience … you need to plan your meals, what you’re going to eat, when you’ll eat it, maybe prepare the food ahead of time, etc. Money is the same thing. You have to pay attention to your input and output, credits and debits.

I think too often people suffer with the ‘I want it now” disorder. They have no concept of delayed gratification. It’s easier to put it on a credit card then it is to save money for it. It’s easier to go through the fast food drive through then it is to go home and cook a meal.

I also believe in the domino effect. Focus on getting ONE thing in line, and doing it well, and then that often leads to other things falling into place. You can’t try to change your whole life in one day. Which leads me to the other disorder I run into a lot … “all or nothing” disorder. You either do everything perfectly, or you say screw it, and don’t even try at all.

My mantra has always been about habits. Focus on changing one habit, replace one bad with a good. Then do another one, then another one.

If this doesn’t apply to you – then just smile and move on, not trying to step on any toes or anything. But if it strikes a nerve with you, maybe it’s something to work on or think about. How do your finances look? Are you happy with your weight management? If they’re both a mess, maybe they’re connected to something bigger you need to work on.

One last thought, if you have not read The Spark book. Read it. I have two copies. It is awesome. Google it or get it off Amazon.  You won’t regret it, I promise.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
April 7, 2013
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