My Title


My Title
By: Debra Sue Higginbotham
a.k.a. Healthy Habit Lady

I’m a daughter, I’m a sister – I’m a mother, I’m a wife –
but these labels that I wear, shall not define my life.

I’m an in-law, I’m a cousin – I’m an Aunt, I’m a niece – –
and in the scene of my life, these roles are just a piece.

I have a job and I pay taxes – and I live in the U S of A …
yet these things do not exhaust, every thought of every day.

I am mostly a Republican – & conservative more or less –
yet how I vote does not reflect, my state of happiness.

My skin is fair, my hair is brown & my eyes are hazel green –
and if you’ve ever met me – I hope that’s not all you’ve seen.

My height is short, my weight irrelevant – a supermodel I am not …
for how I look – is not who I am – not even by a long shot.

I’m a lover, not a fighter – although each has a time and place …
and if pushed, I will push back – – with a smile upon my face.

My house is never perfect – and my laundry is rarely done –
and my cooking is not exactly, described as “second to none”.

But those are not really things – that get to the heart of ME …
or define me as the person – that I am always aiming to be …

Now, at the time of this verse – I am a female, age 37 –
yet such stats will not determine, if I will go to Heaven.

But if you must “sum me up”, or label me with a word –
you can simply call me Christian –
the finest Title I’ve incurred!

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

This material is hereby copyrighted !

June 16, 2013

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