Be Where You Are

Be Where You Are

By: Debra Sue Higginbotham,
a.k.a. Healthy Habit Lady

Originally Written: April 11th, 2005
All material is hereby copyrighted.

When working at your job,
doing a task or in a meeting,
do not mentally rehearse …
your next voice mail greeting.

When you’re out on a date,
with a guy you like a lot,
never sit and contemplate,
the “to-do” list you’ve got.

When cuddling in the arms,
of an ever-adoring spouse …
try not to quietly ponder,
the dust within your house.

When reading to a child,
their favorite nursery rhyme,
remember to sound excited,
even if it’s the 100th time!

When sitting on the sidelines,
of that exciting Soccer game,
make sure that you cheer …
winning or losing – just the same.

When you’re in a conversation,
be sure to listen as well as “hear”,
and when it’s not your turn to talk …
try to focus on who is near.

And when sitting in the pew – –
or reading the Bible in your hand …
Worship God – Study His Word –
instead of pondering ,
the lunch you’ve planned.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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