NSV If You Please

Happiness is … being able to wrap a regular size bath towel around myself and properly cover up those girly treasures.  Long gone are the days of requiring a BEACH towel for such a purpose.  We have a foreign exchange student from Spain staying with us for the next few weeks; and it is nice to be able to wrap myself up in a normal towel should one of my carless children burst into my room or leave my door open in a flurry.

And speaking of NSV’s (Non-scale victories) … it is also nice to haul all of the young people downtown, and explore a new area or investigate a new coffee shop and book store … without worry about fatigue and exhaustion.

I love my city.  San Antonio boasts all sorts of interesting urban areas, natural areas, free fitness classes, a beautiful Riverwalk, family fitness events and all sorts of amazing adventures that you and your family can enjoy.  Lord knows me and my 60 toe crew often do.

For those folks anywhere near me, here is a link to all of the fun free fitness classes offered by the city of San Antonio (various locations).  This link is for the month of June, and the July schedule will be out soon.  Click Here for Class Schedule.  It will open in a new window.

As for as my endeavors to try new things … whether it be food or activity or whatever … I did try a new raspberry lemonade yesterday at the pool.  That was amazing.  The entire family loved it, like totally loved the thing.  Now I need to figure out how to make it at home.

I also discovered a new bookstore today, and purchased a fabulous hard cover called ‘The Adventurous Boy’s Handbook‘.  In my world, it is perfect.   And just prior to spending too much money at the bookstore, I tried a new dark chocolate kind of cookie, and I think it had some bit of coffee in the mix.  Verdict?  I did not really care for this concoction.  I asked the boys to take bites, they did, and they did not care for it either.  Most of that cookie ended up in the trash, but alas, we did try it, nonetheless.

So do tell, what NSV have you enjoyed lately?  What new thing, food, adventure or territory have you experienced lately?  Inspire me with your endeavors!

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Gal

June 27, 2014



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