Lost Maples and Missing Towels

Today, we headed out on a sixty toe adventure … destination:  Lost Maples State Natural Area!  If you’re interested in where that is or what it is about, here is a link.  We had been there before, but never in the summer.

The weather was quite warm, and we felt certain there was a path at the park that would lead down to the river.  In anticipation of a wet dip, I assembled a nice gym bag and handy pile of towels.  Little did I know (until too late) that the bag and towels never made it into the van.  Ooops … oh well, we improvise. Such is life.

We enjoyed a nice nature walk and picnic at Lost Maples.  The views were beautiful and the sky was amazing.  I took a lot of photos.  Should you be interested, the album is here.

Access to the river, however, was nowhere to be found.  The places where we did find water was not suitable for the kids to splash about in … so we just enjoyed walking, the views, a picnic, etc.   On the way back home, we felt certain there would be another opportunity to frolic in a river … and we were correct.

Right near Bandera, we stopped at a picnic area that had tables and a few places where folks could climb down into the water.  It was splendid.  There were a lot of bugs, but the kids did not mind.  I did not exactly enjoy sitting in ants, but I survived.  Meanwhile; The boys instantly made a friend with a little kid who was already there.  However; we were disappointed that there were not any towels to dry off after said excursion, as I mentioned before, they were somehow omitted from the packing of the vehicle.  But alas, we did not care … we stopped at the Dairy Queen drive-thru and got some blizzards for the child folk and made our way home.

Immediately upon arrival at our humble abode … BATH TIME!  Messy van can wait.

So what new adventure did you embark on today?  I’d love to know all about your journeys.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

June 28, 2014
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