Attention-Seeking Ninny?

I swear I’m not vain or an attention-seeking ninny posting selfies all over the internet … but I am; however, posting these pics here to prove a point.

These three photos were taken a day apart, as in today and yesterday. Same size body, different clothes, and I look different. The white shirt is actually a size XXL which is crazy because I’m wearing it with size 12 jeans, lol – and I am not an XXL anymore, but this is a ridiculously small shirt. However; the Spurs shirt is a Medium, from Wal-mart. The red tank is a Large. Your clothes can make a big difference, but also – do NOT get hung up on sizes and labels.  These photos were taken a day apart, and the shirts were purchased all within the last month.

My advice? Wear what actually fits your body and makes you feel good. I’m wearing the white New Orleans shirt today and have received three compliments, and one was from my pharmacist this morning, lol.


This is a size XXL shirt bought at a souvenir shirt shop in New Orleans, LA


This shirt is a Medium size shirt bought at Wal-mart.


This shirt is a size XL bought at Target.


Please note it also makes a difference in how you pose for the camera, how you stand, what kind of bra you are wearing (if you wear such), what the lighting is like, and a million other factors.  Point being, don’t make a lot of snap judgements based on images you see all over Facebook or the internet.  Chances are high, they may be photoshopped.  Meanwhile, let me state for the record, none of the pictures I take are ever photoshopped.  I’m a WYSIWYG girl (that’s an oldie tech term from the 90’s).  In other words, What you see is what you get.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
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2 thoughts on “Attention-Seeking Ninny?

  1. I have been wanting to do a post where I take pictures consecutively in the same outfit but different poses just to prove a point. That is why I always take my progress pictures in the same poses with the camera set at about the same height, in the same general lighting, etc. I might be crazy but I want to see real differences! It’s the scientist in me I guess 🙂

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