How Geeky am I ?

Once upon a time, I would argue that gym memberships were a waste of money, because most people rarely go, yet they get roped into these huge contracts with automatic monthly payments, etc.  Also, you can do all kinds of simple body weight exercises and use hand weights or bands, or kettle balls and yoga balls or dvd’s at home, etc.  Also – there is an abundance of opportunity for cardio in every day life.  Ride a bike, hike a trail, climb some stairs, etc.  You get the idea.

However; I have come to realize that everybody is different and what motivates one person will not work for another.  What works for one person’s lifestyle may not work for someone else’s.  I have come to the conclusion that I am a happy mix of both gym rat and outdoor type.  But since I do indeed live in a very hot climate, it is important that I have access to a pool year-round, and that I get the social interaction from classes and such at a gym.  I do well when I balance my exercise and activity between both the gym and being out in the city, or in nature, or whatever. I also have determined that I do NOT do well with home workout DVD’s.  I have a gazillion at least and am slowly giving them all away.   I just don’t function well trying to do a dvd at home, by myself.

Now one would think that ONE gym membership would be plenty, right? Nope, not me, I decided to have two … yes you read that right, I now belong to TWO different gyms.  We’ve been members at Lifetime Fitness for quite some time.  We enjoy it as a family, they have great family activities and my husband insists on keeping this one because it is located immediately by his office and it helps keep him consistent.

However; all of my mommy and lady friends attend classes at Gold’s.  I do not know anyone  who attends LTF.  (Except my own family that is)

SO … since they had a deal this week to join for just a dollar, my hubby said to go ahead and pay the small bi-weekly fee for just myself to join Gold’s so I can go to the classes with all my friends and have more accountability and social interaction.

Admittedly, I feel a little ridiculous belonging to two different gyms.  I am not that much of an obsessed fitness guru, nor am I rich, lol.  Yet I figure as long as I actively use both, and get my money’s worth, I’ll continue to do this.  If not, I’ll cancel.

Need more ammunition to convince you that I’m geeky?  Not only do I now belong to two gyms, I also have an annual Texas state park pass and season’s passes to Six Flags as well as Sea World (both of which are very close to our home).  And I wear a FitBit, lol.  So, yeah, no excuse for this mama to not be engaged in all sorts of various physical activity.  But I promise you I’m not obsessed.  All things in balance.


Family Gym


Mama Gym

    Here is a picture taken of me at Lifetime Fitness last year…


Now, tell me, how geeky am I?  How geeky are you?  Where do YOU like to get your sweat going?

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


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7 thoughts on “How Geeky am I ?

  1. I so get this. Technically, I am also a member of two gyms. I have the one I go to where my trainer is, and then the base gym which I like going to either for variety, or for when I need to do something on the base, since it’s more convenient. And I know other people who join two gyms: One they consider their “real” gym, and then one that is open extended or 24 hours so that they can go at odd times. Great blog!


  2. Kama Perry

    Followed you!


  3. I am impressed by your transformation. I am signing up for your newsletter so I can follow your progress.


  4. I do not have gym memberships, but I do work at Six Flags. I want to get season passes to Sea World and of course Disney. I like to walk around theme parks more. I work out but don’t even think about it! Now that Baby Boy has a new stroller, it’s so much easier to walk around now!


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