Soul Detox Series, Part 1: Breaking Free From Toxic Behaviors

Love this.

Making A Dent in The World: One Child at A Time

soul detox

So, in the section of Toxic Behavior, Groeschel breaks it down into 4 main behaviors that are toxic: self-deception, toxic thoughts (false beliefs), toxic language (power of our words) and last but not least, hiding our sins.  So, lets dig in!


I want to start out with a quote from Groeschel on the issue,

“No matter how objective we hope to be, our viewpoint is always distorted to some — sometimes large — degree. Here’s the challenge. The longer we view ourselves through a distorted lens, the more likely we are to believe a distorted truth. The longer we lie to ourselves, deceive ourselves, or remain in denial about the truth, the more likely we are to base our decisions and actions on this false belief system.”

This is so true, and self-deception is such a hard issue for us to tackle because when you tell yourself something, or convince…

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