I Hiked a Volcano in Hawaii

Granted, it was a dormant volcano, and granted it was a video on a treadmill at the gym … but it was kinda cool.  I have never used such a fancy treadmill before, but it was interesting.  I plugged in my headphones to this thing, and watched scenery and listened to a man talk … and it automatically adjusted the elevation of the treadmill as the workout continued.  Kinda made me wish I was really in Hawaii.  Heck, it definitely did.  I was in Hawaii in 2003 when I pregnant and in no shape to hike anything.  I definitely need to return.  Here is a photo of me on our trip, I remember being fascinated by the flowers there, and everywhere.  Of course everything was beautiful, but I did love the flowers.


Apparently standing in the crater of Haleakalā is like standing on Mars.  It is now on my list of things that i must do.  The National Park there has lots of interesting trails and you can even backpack camp.


Photo Source: Haleakala National Park

Photo Source: Haleakala National Park

Photo Source: Haleakala National Park

So now that I’m done dreaming of Hawaii, I can say I did enjoy the workout on the treadmill today, even though the incline was a bit more than I anticipated.  My legs are sore from Body Pump last night and I’m a bit nauseated today from a new medication (Methyl Folate).  After the treadmill, I enjoyed the hot tub with friends from Church.  God Bless gym buddies, they are awesome.


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


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2 thoughts on “I Hiked a Volcano in Hawaii

  1. That sounds like a great workout program! When my trainer has me though the current torture, which is to last at least 4 weeks (or dear Lord, please help me!), I will see if our treadmills at the gym have something like that.


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