168 Hours

BridgePathSkinnyWhat Kind of Path Are You On?

Did You Know…There are 168 hours in a week?
Do you know yet how will you use those hours this week?
What kind of path are you on? Is it the right path?

What’s important in your life? Do the hours you spend match up with the core values you hold dear?  If I asked you to list your top five core values, what would you say?

Let’s start with at least three.  Can you name your top three core values?  Meaning, what is vitally important to you and your life?  Is it your Faith?  Your Family? Security? Finances? Education?  Fame? Animal welfare? Travel? Politics?  It doesn’t matter what they are, because they are yours … and nobody is judging … but you should definitely know what you value most, and what you want your legacy to be about when this run at life is over.  How do you want to have spent your time? What do you want your family to remember about you? What do you want people to say about you or your character once you’re gone?

So go ahead, define your core values.  Take your time.  I’ll wait.

Whew, glad you’re done.  Now that you have this figured out, the next thing you must do is figure out if your time, activity, energy, money and effort match up with your core values.  Your daily activities should be in tune with your top five (or three).

Now obviously we all have things to do just to sustain life … you know, laundry and bathing and eating, etc.   However; you know what I mean.  If you’re spending 85 hours a week trying to build a career you hate, something is wrong.   Come up with a plan to change your circumstances.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.

What kind of path are you walking right now?  Do you like the path, where is it heading? Do you need a new path?  Maybe a new mountain?

So do tell, have you decided how you will spend this week’s 168 hours?

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady



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3 thoughts on “168 Hours

  1. plutrell

    Absolutely!! I know that I am going to enjoy every minute because I go back to work at my school on Friday!! So, I have lots of plans for each day remaining of summer vacation! Good post!


  2. You know what’s funny? “Fitness” wasn’t in those three. It was “Faith, Family, Security”. But honestly, the biggest reason I try to stay healthy is because I believe I am outside of God’s will when I am not doing so AND for the benefit of my family, so maybe it kinda falls in there, anyhow. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • that is exactly right Nancy, sometimes tasks or passions lead into a bigger picture … Fitness isn’t in my top 5 at all, but health is, as in overall wellness for mind/body/spirit … so fitness is a piece of my core value for wellness 🙂


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