I Danced Up a Mountain in Cape Town

Well folks, it was a two-shower kind of day!  I survived my second BodyPump class today at the gym, with my friend Ashley.  I liked this instructor MUCH better.  I’m not sure if it was partially because I was in front of the room and I could hear the instructions better, or what .. but I really appreciated her style and motivation.  Apparently she is a favorite of many.

After the class ended, we decided to sneak in 20 minutes on the dreadmill so I chose the ‘Hike Cape Town, South Africa’ map video, and I’m pretty sure it was trying to kill me.  It bumped up my elevation to 12.5 … and so to make my jelly legs work properly I had to utilize my iPhone playlists of Christian music and started bee-boppin’ to Carman (circa 1980 probably).  I was a dancing fool on that thing, and of course Ashley took a pic.  This is me being brave and posting it on the internet, as-is, side-view.  I must be crazy.


Dancing on the treadmill

And in other news, I’ve tried a few new things lately (other than gym classes). For someone with SED like me, this is huge. I tried a new Special-K Protein Cereal.  It was blah.  Seriously blah.  It was not impressive in the least, and very bland.  I did not even finish the stuff, I probably could have if I really needed to, but I did not.  And for someone like ME to say it is bland, you know it must be bad.  

I also tried a meal replacement Wildberry Smoothie at the gym called Energy Rush or something like that.  I drank it before my workout last Thursday as well as this morning.  Both times I was pleased and will likely order it again.   Funny thing is, my boys liked that smoothie too and they kept stealing sips.


My son with my smoothie

You know what else I tried new? Walnuts!  Well, I had tried them one time before and I did not like them at all.  I introduced all kinds of nuts into my diet a couple of years ago, but could not really get into walnuts at all.  So I decided to give them another try.  Nope.  Still hate them.  Oh well.

Tomorrow’s Adventure?  Yoga.  Ugh, yoga.  Yep, Yoga.  I totally stink at yoga, and I have no coordination or balance whatsoever, but my medical massage therapist told me to try yoga, so I shall do just that.  Thank goodness my friend Mallory is going with.  I need the accountability.  So maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about my downward dog … or perhaps I’ll write about my love affair with pecans.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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2 thoughts on “I Danced Up a Mountain in Cape Town

  1. I don’t have a problem with texture and “I” can’t stand the texture of Special K cereal, especially after it’s sat in milk for a while. So as far as I’m concerned you are a brave woman!

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