New Hair, New Outfit, New Address?

I’ve been a busy little bee … I mean, after all, Debra does mean ‘worker bee’ in Hebrew, so it is only fitting I suppose.  And speaking of fitting, it was getting ridonkulous how many clothes I own that no longer fit {Insert Happy Dance Here}.  So I gave away a big pile. Truth be told, I had big motivation to do such.

My latest motivation to gut my closet is the fact that we are moving in October.   I’m quite excited about this move, but I wasn’t excited at the thought of filling up boxes with clothing that is too big.  

Meanwhile, school starts on Monday.  Not only does it start back for the kiddos, it starts for this mama as well.  Yes, I will be taking 13 credit hours.  This helps propel me towards my goal of certified personal trainer … among other things.  So I get to carry a full college load and pack up a house … all in short order.  And somehow I got bamboozled to be on two different PTA boards.  Yes, I’m that crazy.

Now with all of this going on, you know it would be horrible to end up completely BALD by pulling all of my hair out … thus … a haircut was seriously needed.  Pictures below.  You may also note, I am wearing a new dress in the pics.  I’m not big on dresses actually, but it was kind of fun to buy some new clothes and test out different styles.  But when all is said and done, I am probably most comfortable in my sneakers, jeans and a simple t-shirt. 





As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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One thought on “New Hair, New Outfit, New Address?

  1. You are a better woman than I! I could not/would not take on that much, because I’d be a wreck! But I know you can get it all done and some day this will just be a memory and so very worth it!


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