Thou Shalt Not Judge…

Emergency breakfast

So, when it’s your first day of a new college course schedule … and the 2nd day of school for your kids … and the house you live in is on the market for sale … you MIGHT forget to eat breakfast before you dash out the door at 6:55 a.m.

I arrived slightly early to the building.  I am very appreciative of my husband who had taken me to the campus beforehand and showed me where I needed to be, etc.  There was a juice bar in this building, which also has a gym, but the juice bar was closed.  I forgot to eat.  Ooops.  I think I was more concerned with making sure the boys had lunch money and clothes to wear. My scheduled included two classes back to back this morning, so I was afraid I was going to get super hungry.

Alas, the first class … ended early, and the juice bar was thus open.   The choices were limited though. Now this is the type of situation where my SED comes into play and affects things.  While they did have some fruit and yogurt, my fear of unknown foods prevents me from trying something different in a new place (not always, but often).  The apples and oranges just did not look appealing in the least. The yogurt looked runny. Oddly enough they had a bunch of energy drinks, and potato chips and chocolate candy bars, etc.  This was in a gym, mind you.  There was packaged oatmeal, but I saw no place where I would get hot water or how I would prepare the thing.  So I had to settle for a Fiber One bar and a Strawberry Banana smoothie.  Don’t judge, I was desperate.

You know what?  I barely drank half of that thing (it was surely pure sugar) and I maybe ate half of the Fiber Bar.   I felt my heart start to actually beat faster as I began consuming these items.   Surely that was due to high sugar content.

But aside from forgetting breakfast and going to the wrong room (oops) … I was very happy and pleased with these two instructors and classes.  They were completely different, but both amazing.  Feels good to have such clarity about being in the perfectly right place.  Regardless of what room you’re entering. 


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady



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One thought on “Thou Shalt Not Judge…

  1. In glove box: Non-perishable ready-made protein drink, commercial protein bar that is NOT covered in chocolate (or it will turn into a goopy mess), and small package of beef jerky. Replace every 3 months or so. Beef jerky sooner, if it is opened.

    This has saved me in food emergencies such as yours many times.

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