Who Is Your Family?

Today is my husband’s birthday and he is one of my greatest blessings, we have an awesome family together.  I have been married to him for over 21 years and I praise God for this miracle.  

Before I ever met him, I had a dear friend who told me of my ‘perfect’ husband that was out there, waiting to meet me, and to be patient, and that he would be honorable and amazing.  Almost like a prophecy of sorts.  She was right.  Alyscia, my sweet friend, was right.

So I’m taking a class in college right now called Marriage and Family.  I had an assignment to discuss my opinion and thoughts on the definition of ‘Family’ and specifically whether or not I agree with the author’s definition in our textbook.  I found this task very interesting.  It also got me thinking about those in my life that I love and adore and that I call my ‘Family’.

What about my family?  Well obviously my husband and children are my family.  But even within that immediate dynamic, we ADOPTED my daughter out of foster care and then I gave birth to our three sons.  I have blood family and I have marital family and I have extended family.  

However; there is a magnificent woman, named Alyscia, whom I consider family, although others might find it weird. I met Alyscia 3,000 miles away from home when I was just 20 years old and had moved to California by myself.  She is so dear to me  – and in typical circumstances we probably never would have met, and certainly not been friends.  She is the age of my father.  She is more like a sister despite our age difference, but truly she is my family.  She mentored me and prayed for me and filled a void in my young adult life that was much needed.  She is black and I am white, and we lived in completely different parts of Los Angeles (where I knew not a soul) – and it is pretty much a miracle that we even came to be friends, and hung out, much less eventually be family.  We stayed in touch even when there wasn’t an internet. She’s been in my home and we’ve traveled together. She loves my children like her own. I quote her all the time.  She is feisty and determined and a passionate advocate of God’s divine mercy and love.  She is an overcomer and a prayer warrior. She is the epitome of energetic zeal for life. She is in her 70’s and probably looks like she’s 40 at most. She’s gorgeous and gentle, articulate and intelligent and I’m pretty sure she was sent to me directly by God as one of my greatest gifts. In the 25 years I have known her, we have only lived in the same city for the first two.  Right now, we live in completely different places as I am in Texas and she is in Georgia, but I love her.  And she loves me, without a doubt.  I hope you have someone in your life like that.  And if you do – tell them.   Tell them now.  Lie is short.

So my sweet Alyscia Darling (I’ve been calling her that since I met her) … I hope you are reading this … you are precious to me and I love you with every fiber of my being.  And even if you don’t read this, I’ll call you on the phone and tell you myself, because we still use telephones in my family 🙂


Alyscia Darling and my 3 Boys (Spring 2014)

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady {a.k.a. Debra Darling according to Alyscia}


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3 thoughts on “Who Is Your Family?

  1. I am so happy that you have had a wonderful female Christian mentor and friend for so many years. I have a “Very best friend”, closer to my age but similar circumstances, who I feel so very blessed to have in my life, too. God is so good!


  2. God is the most important ingredient in a good life! I’m happy for you! Good bless and may he continue to bless for years to come!


  3. This is beautiful!


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