God Cares About Blue Folders

I promise you God cares about the details.  After all, He IS the detail anyway.  

As I’ve sort of mentioned before, I am in chaos mode right now.  I seem to be getting bamboozled in a thousand different directions.  I’ve had issues with my boys having to change schools after only one week of school, moving, packing up the house, taking full time college courses, etc.  Then yesterday my husband’s grandfather died.  We loved that man and my middle son is even named after him.  This also threw a monkey wrench into things due to funeral and travel, etc.

Anyway, I got the boys moved to a new school but their list of school supplies needed was slightly different.  I had to go out and get a different binder for one son and a blue folder with prongs and pockets for my youngest son.  He had a green one, but that would not work – teacher said it has to be BLUE.  Okay – off to Target I go.

While delegating phone calls and searching for supplies, I see a good friend.  We chat, I adore her daughter and we go about our business.  I was happy to see a sweet face.   Anyway, before and after chatting with her, I had been diligently looking for this necessary blue folder.  I found all kinds of folders, various colors, but not a blue one with prongs – only pockets.  After all, school started over a week ago and the pickens were slim.  So chatting with my friend was a nice break from the searching.   She goes on her way so that the corn doesn’t get too warm, and in a last ditch effort, I stroll through the nearly empty aisle of school supplies to make my way to the front.  I had already been down this aisle several times and there were no blue folders to be found anywhere, and most of the shelves were empty, so it was obvious nothing was there.  

Well now I’ve decided that my friend Elaina whom I chatted with – is magical.  Because somehow, some way … after socializing with her, a blue folder WITH PRONGS spontaneously appeared in an empty aisle.  I kid you not, it was not there before.  Surely someone must have decided they did not want it and just tossed it aside.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had given up.  It even had the precious prongs that are so very important.  This saved me enormous time as now I did not have to go to a different store, or worry about this in a time-cramped schedule.

God didn’t have to toss me a blue folder.  Really, He didn’t.  But He did.  He sees my scurry.  He sees my worry.  He heard my thoughts.  He heard my heart.

Then, out of nowhere, I made a new friend at the new school – another mom who happens to be a friend of an existing GREAT friend – who helped me solve a crisis in about two minutes flat.  Amazing.  God just delivered her to my corner and solved the question of how I’d be in about three places at once.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say ‘Let Go and Let God’ … well, there is Truth in that.  If you are in a frenzy, God is not. He is the Deity in the details and by golly he can find you a blue folder when you need one.


As Always, Make Champion Choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


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One thought on “God Cares About Blue Folders

  1. I try to remember that God’s perspective with me is much like my perspective with an ant. I can see all that is around the ant in all directions, but all the ant knows is what’s immediately in front of it and what it’s already seen. When I keep that in mind, it makes things make a little more sense.- He knows what’s coming and is getting me ready for it.


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