Chocolate Chips and Brown Bag Mysteries

Well, it appears my SED is in full bloom these days.  Sometimes I think I have come so far, and then other times this SED thing smacks me in the face.  I am not sure that I will ever be rid of this disorder, all I can hope for is managing it and improving.

Fall is peeking its nose into Texas.  We are starting to see all things pumpkin.  I never use to even like pumpkin or anything pumpkin related, unless I was decorating one.  However; a couple of years ago I did figure out that I seriously love pumpkin bread.  YUM.  I don’t like the pumpkin spice latte things everybody goes gaga over, but I can enjoy a muffin or slice of bread now and then.  It’s not necessarily healthy or something I have every day, but it is okay as a treat.  Anyhow, I went to a Farmer’s Market this weekend and was excited by all of the amazing options and possibilities.  A local guy was selling home-made pumpkin bread and muffins.  I know my children love these as well, so I eagerly bought a loaf and some muffins.  I get home, slice open the bread, and gasp … it has chocolate chips in there.  Ugh.  To a normal person, this is surely no big thing. Yet for someone with SED – I was deflated.  I stared at it for a while.  I finally decided to take a bite of a muffin, and yep, chocolate chips everywhere.  I tried the bread, same thing.  Now, it’s not that the chocolate chips made me sick or anything, but I did not like the combination.  I did not take second bites.  I’ll let the kids enjoy these treats.


Meanwhile, yesterday at Church I was handed a brown bag that seriously made my heart race a bit.  Weird huh?  Here’s the thing – it was a bag doubled as an invitation to a ‘mystery dinner’ event being done by the Church women’s group.  The idea is that you pack a brown bag dinner to include a sandwich, a piece of fruit and a dessert and then you take it to the event.  However; you don’t eat it, you swap it with someone else’s brown bag.  You have no idea what you will end up eating.  Yikes-a-roonie, there is no way I could do that.  My first reaction was ‘um, no thanks, not happening’.  Then my sweet husband suggested I simply take two bags, one to eat and one to swap, and just bring the extra one home.   So I like his idea, I’ll go to the event, and if anyone asks, I’ll just tell the truth, like I normally do anyhow.   But still, that first impression, my initial reaction – was panic.  Here is a picture of the brown bag invitation.  SO do tell, would this mystery dinner excite you or make you nervous as well?

   MysteryDinnerBrownBag           MysteryDinnerBagInfo

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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