Who Moved My Finish Line?

Well, I moved.  No, my blog did not move, me and my family moved into a new home about 4 miles away.  Good grief this has been an exhausting process.  Heaven knows I have moved many times in my years, but for some reason this one was particularly challenging.  Anything and everything that could go wrong, did.  But alas, I am in the new house now.  Boxes are everywhere and it’s a bit overwhelming, but it is also kind of exciting.  I get to start over with a brand new kitchen.  I hated my other kitchen, so I’m happy.

Meanwhile, I have done a few things I have never done before, amidst my chaos.  I participated in a 5K event and that was a lot of fun.  I wasn’t last and I did not puke, so I call this success.  I also learned how to use something called Sand Bells in one of my courses.  Very interesting.  I have very sore shoulders right now between the work outs and the moving and the climbing of stairs … but it’s a good kind of sore.  There is even a sand bell certification.  Who knew?  Another fun thing was a wine tour I did with some gal pals, on a bus, in the Texas hill country.  I do not even like wine, but I did taste a little.  So much fun, I would happily do it again.

Tomorrow night I am taking my children to a children’s theater downtown.  The tickets were gifted to me by a dear friend, and I am quite eager for this.  She asked me if I was still going to be able to go, and I was like heck yes … I need a good mental health break and some fun entertainment with my kids.

I started attending a Thursday night Ladies Bible Study through my Church.  It is based on a study by Beth Moore, and anything by her is amazing, so WOO HOO.  This is something I definitely need and want to make time for in my busy schedule.

Did I ever mention that I am in the process of getting my personal trainer certification?  Yes I am … study study study.  I am eating my elephant one bite at a time, even if mine eyes seem bigger than my abilities sometimes 🙂


As always, make champion choices, 
The Healthy Habit Lady

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One thought on “Who Moved My Finish Line?

  1. roni

    You look great….congrats


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