The Lesson of the Day?



So, how about a brutally honest peek into the musings of my brain, or my life, for that matter.

5:10 a.m. ~ Crap, I overslept.

5:15 a.m. ~ Turn on shower, brush teeth, take Thyroid medication, search for a clean towel.  Having just moved into this house days ago, searching for things seems to be the norm.

5:25 a.m. ~ Jump into the hot shower, lather up the hair, close my eyes to let the pulsating water cascade over my sleepy face, lean in a little too close … DANG IT … bang my face into the shower caddy hanging from the shower head.  STILL not use to my new shower apparently.  But definitely awake now.

5:45 a.m. ~ Attempt to dry off with a decorator towel which is all I could find.  Retrieve clothes from dryer for kids. Only half are dry. Lovely.  Pick and choose socks regardless of color of pattern, just so long as they’re dry.  Wake up my 3 boys with irritating song and dance so as to wake them up and prepare them for school.  Where are the backpacks?  Are the agendas signed?  “Mom, are you a veteran?”. .  “WHAT?, No I am not, why?” … “oh yeah that’s dad, I need his photo for a heroes paper”.  “Um, okay – can I get a photo later, no clue where a photo would be and the printer isn’t hooked up”.  “MOM!! I need to dress up for my PowerPoint presentation, I need nice clothes”.  “Um, THAT would have been nice to know before the morning scramble”.   So now I am digging through baskets and boxes looking for something with a collar that fits my ever-so-growing 5th grader who seems to outgrow clothes at the speed of light.  “MOM!  I need black pants”.  “Um, you don’t own black pants.  Wear your black shorts”.  “MAMA, I can’t wear those … they have the Spurs logo on them, they have to be plain”.   “Well, they will have to do because I’m not running out to Wal-mart at 6am to buy pants”.   “MAMA, never mind, I’ll wear jeans”.  Meanwhile I’m trying to get a six year old dressed and fix his punk rocker wake-up hair and he’s arguing with me about toothpaste.  “MAMA, my jeans are too small, I need black pants”.  “UM, didn’t we cover this topic already?”.  For the record, he wore black shorts with the Spurs logo.  So I jet downstairs, eat half a banana, gulp some ice water and gather the troops.   Turn off the t.v. kids, time to go.   My 9 year old son walks over to the t.v., stands still and stares at it.  Just stands there.  Just staring.  Um, son, can you turn that off?  “Oh sorry mama, I was watching it”.

6:25 a.m. ~ Come on kids, gotta go gotta go, mama has school today, gotta go.  “MOM, can you sign my reading log?”.  “Um, why hasn’t this been presented me before the very minute we’re trying to leave”.  And so I recv’d the ever-so-classic response … “Sorry mama, I forgot”.   No worries, sign sign, tie shoes, out the door.  Then, the ride to school consisted of conversations revolving around what life would be like if houses were made of cheese.

7:15 a.m. ~ Arrive in the parking lot of my college.  Happy to be alive because some crazy mustang tried to run me off the road and turn right from a left lane.  Lovely.  Heart rate returns to normal and I realize I am starving and that half of a banana is not going to cut it, I have two classes to get through.  I always carry a protein bar in my handy backpack. Gobble Gobble, gulp more water, off I go.

8:05 a.m. ~ I’m jogging.  I feel good.  Life is great.  Dang it, I gotta poop.  Why does this happen when we exercise?  Maybe it’s all the bouncing or jiggling, who knows?  Bathroom break a must.  Return to exercise.  Ten minutes go by.  Dang it, really?  Again?  How is this possible?  Run back to the bathroom.  Oh my word.  What in the world is wrong with me.  Good thing I carry DigestZen essential oil blend in my backpack, along with spare food.  I rubbed a few drops across my abdomen. I also added a tiny bit to my water bottle.  It tastes like black licorice because it contains fennel essential oil in the blend. I seriously finished out my two classes without incident.  All better.  No worries.  God Bless essential oils, that is the lesson of the day.  That, and the fact that jogging sometimes makes us need to poop.  Or that bananas and protein bars can wreak havoc on your digestive system 🙂

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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2 thoughts on “The Lesson of the Day?

  1. Okay, THAT was funny! Reminds me of when I had more than one minor at home. Nice to know mine weren’t the only kids that wait until the very moment they need something to inform me that it’s a necessity. (To be fair, it depended on the kid.) And sounds like the banana got the digestive system moving, then the protein bar did more so, then the run made it all “kick in”.

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  2. it sure did kick in, lol


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