I’m Getting Fired

I think I need to fire myself from God’s job, and let Him do it.  He IS God after all, and I most definitely am NOT.  Beth Moore told me to say out loud that my need for control is a testament to my distrust of God.  Wow.  Didn’t like that.  Now, do not get me wrong, I was not sitting in Starbucks with the fabulous Beth Moore, I was watching her on a video.  Nonetheless, I swear she snatched me by the hair on my head and shook me a bit.

So many things are distressing me, worrying me … causing me to ache.  A dear sweet friend lost her only son in a drowning accident.  He was not more than 30 years old.  I ache for her.  A dear friend of mine is going through a marital catastrophe.  Honestly, that statement is vague enough it actually applies to three very good friends.  It’s like men hit middle age and lose their ever-loving minds. Not all men mind you. And I know women do too.  But you know what I mean.  Another sweet amazing friend is dealing with an ex and his loss of income and insurance; which affects her children, of course.  Another sweet friend is dealing with a spouse who lost his job.  People are up in arms about Ebola. There was a school shooting at a high school in Seattle today, two dead.  Another amazing friend is on strict bed rest and we are just praying that baby to the finish line, patience baby boy, patience. And it goes on and on.  It’s called Life.  An Earthy life.  These are wordily issues of the flesh.

This weekend, my Church is having an all Church Fall Retreat approximately an hour from home.  My entire family will sleep in bunk beds, in a cabin, and enjoy fellowship with our Church family.  Our circle.  Our very important cornerstone in an unsteady world of chaos.  Now, naturally our Church family is made up of humans.  It’s not an alien church 🙂  … so we all have our own messes and disasters that we bring to the table.  And that’s okay.  Come as you are.  Leave refreshed. Leave uplifted.  Leave better equipped than when you arrived.  Leave knowing you’re not alone.  I am totally looking forward to this event.  A chance to unplug and get a tune up so to speak.

So I’m firing myself.  I cannot possibly control the crazy of this world.  I can just breathe, pray, accept and encourage when possible.  I can laugh. And dream. And cry. And pray some more.  Then dance.  Then sing.  Then follow the tugging of the Holy Spirit who tells me to do things out of my comfort zone. Or send a card.  Or hug a stranger. Or give a Fiber Bar to a homeless man.  And I can smile.  I can study.  I can embrace each day. I can accept challenges. I can laugh at myself. I can raise children covered by God. I can honor my husband and kiss his face. I can keep quiet when tempted to spew. I can speak up when injustice assaults. I can pray.  And I can fire myself.


My Church Family Rocks !

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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One thought on “I’m Getting Fired

  1. Aha! Perhaps I just needed to scroll down further? (Although I could swear this wasn’t here yesterday.) Anyhow, one of the regrets I have about us not moving to San Antonio is that I won’t be living near you. Your positivity is something I try to surround myself with.


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