Suzie Slacker Meets Betty Crocker

So I’ve been cooking a bit.  More so than usual.  Let’s face it, I’m a kitchen klutz of monumental proportions. Not even gonna lie. But that’s okay – – we all start somewhere, right?

This week I have made my very first pumpkin pie, blueberry pie and chicken pot pie.  I also made a pizza bubble bake and chicken soup creation.  Kids are happy.  I am happy.

I have lots of amazing kitchen gadgets and tools at my disposal.  I also love my new kitchen (I moved about a month ago into a new home).  It also helps to have great friends who are willing to come over and help you out.  I’ve had the microwave mama thing down pat for years.  Me and my smoothie blender are best buds.  I’ve made crockpot creations without much drama (God bless crockpot liners).  But now I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that a lot of women will drool over, so I intend to use it, indeed.  It only took me about three months to open the box.  I have some gorgeous pie plates and fancy crust tools (that I forgot I had). I’m having a bit of fun.

My next thing to tackle is going to be freezer meals – – like where you spend a day cooking and end up with a bunch of meals to freeze that can be made at a later date.  I mean if you’re going to pop something in the microwave or oven to heat up and serve the family – – it might as well be something worthwhile and wholesome – – instead of processed crap with mystery chemicals and who knows what else.  Praise God for Wildtree … they help me with my cooking adventures and they are the experts on freezer meal workshops.  Now it’s time to plan one.   What do you think is better?  Weeknight or Sunday afternoon?  Or more like a Friday Night Mom’s Night Out? ♥

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As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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