Stand With Bay

This is Bailey

Meet Bailey – She is Fierce

Dear Readers!  I’m digressing from my usual topics, but I am confident you will not mind, as this is important and near/dear to my heart.  As a mom; I would appreciate your support and helping me share the story of a brave young girl who is local to my area. Her mama (Amber) is fierce and amazing, which is probably why the daughter is amazing. The daughter’s name is Bailey.  She was a victim of bullying! Kids actually told her she should go find a place to end her life and that she should hate herself.  My heart aches at the thought. The school district did nothing to help.

Please read her very real and powerful story – and the story of so many others – – in a combined effort to STOP bullying! My name is Debra, not just The Healthy Habit Lady, and I stand with Bay. Will you? Use the hashtag ‪#‎standwithbay ‬and let’s flood social media with this.

This is her Facebook page.  Share it, Tweet it, Pin it, plaster it everywhere.

Here is an excellent video message from Bailey. She urges us to break the trend.  Those who bully the bullies will help nobody, and hurt many.

Here is a news Story Link:

I just learned today that this week is National ANTI-BULLYING week …. and here I find yet another child lost too soon, to suicide, in our own backyard. It is tragic that many times parents have no idea just how close to the edge their children truly are. I urge you to speak with the children in your life about being a bully, being bullied and not being a bystander when they see it occuring.   Our children deserve each and EVERY one of the adults in their life advocating for them! Rest in peace, sweet Jasmine.   News video:

And remember …

When bystanders intervene, bullying stops within 10 seconds 57% of the time.

Hawkins, D. L., Pepler, D., and Craig, W. M. (2001). Peer interventions in playground bullying. Social Development, 10, 512-527.

Many ask all the time about how they can help… especially in this crazy world where we feel completely helpless in these matters.  Well, here’s what we can do!  First, start with prayer.  Then follow these ideas.

  1. Talk to the children in your life. Ask if they have been bullied, have bullied another and know to not be a bystander if they witness another being bullied!
  2. Share the page and Bailey’s story and ask your family and friends to do the same.
  3. Use the hashtag #standwithbayThank you ALL for the amazing outpouring of support and the support yet to come~  Let’s flood the internet with our voices. We can be the change these children deserve!

Stand With Bay

Fellow parents, I urge you to post this link, favorite it on your PC, SHARE it with your children…. Statistics, stories, and a way to reach out for help for parents and youth alike. Meanwhile; here is a great site to give you a snapshot of the problem we are dealing with…
Keyboard Power

Put the power of your keyboard to work

As always, make champion choices,

The Healthy Habit Lady

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4 thoughts on “Stand With Bay

  1. Amber Patterson

    Wow, we are humbled! Thank you, Debra, for helping us spread the word, supporting and taking a #standwithbay against bullying!!!


  2. Lenora Beard

    Thank you for spreading my grand daughters
    story. #stand with Bay


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