Put My Coffee Where?

CoffeeCupBeansI want you to put coffee all over your body.  That’s right.  At least on parts where cellulite might be a problem, or on those parts that need exfoliating.  Seriously.  I do.  As for me, I do not even drink coffee but I want you to do this. I want you to try out coffee as a Body Scrub!  Why not?  What have you got to lose, other than dead skin cells 🙂

Surely you have heard the word exfoliate?  I know you have.  You can pay pricey premiums for products that promise to exfoliate icky dead cells that block the baby soft layer of skin just lurking underneath, waiting to be revealed. But who can afford that crap? You want me to pay $40 to scrub off dead skin to reveal pretty skin? Instead, why not try out a DIY home-made recipe?  I’m not making any promises, but it is surely worth a shot before you shell out the big bucks.

Coffee is good for more than just your morning energizer, social hour or bathroom run. The caffeine in coffee is actually good for your skin because the caffeine in the coffee grounds has been known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite by plumping up skin. It actually does a bit of double duty because it also exfoliates while plumping up.  How cool is that?   Next time you’re at the store; check out some labels of expensive body scrubs or skin care.  Caffeine is literally in many of those ridiculously  expensive cellulite products. This DIY recipe, however, is a much cheaper way to discover if caffeine works as a treatment for you. Again; NO promises, but try it out.  Me personally?  I like it. I wouldn’t write about it otherwise.  And no this is not my original recipe.  I’d credit the original author but I have no idea who that is.  It was sent to me in my email.

Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

So gather together equal parts ground coffee and raw sugar.  Not granulated or powdered sugar.  RAW sugar.

1 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp sea salt

Optional:  3-4 drops of Patchouli essential oil {I use doTerra essential oils)

Patchouli_lgNotes about Patchouli:

Patchouli oil has an easily recognizable rich musky-sweet fragrance and it married well with the fragrance of sugar. Some people associate the smell with the 60’s 🙂  A few of my friends actually hate it so they may choose a different oil.  Some say it is an acquired ‘taste’. For most though; it will have a grounding, balancing effect on the emotions while providing excellent mood support. Patchouli is also widely used for wounds and tissue repair, as well as in skin care preparations for these same properties. Unlike most essential oils that oxidize and diminish over time with regard to their therapeutic qualities, this one actually gets better .. much like a fine wine.

Now mix the ground coffee with raw sugar and sea salt.

Add the olive oil and coconut oil.
And voila, coffee body scrub.

Report back and tell me what you think.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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