Trash Talk

Do you judge people’s grocery carts when you shop?  Are you a crunchy mama who sees an overweight woman with three kids hanging on her heels, dressed in shabby clothes, paying with a Welfare/Food Stamps card .. and judge her for the chips and soda or junk food in her cart?   Or are you oblivious to what other folks are buying and doing, texting while you’re in line, impatiently waiting your turn?

Do you judge people by the trash in their vehicle?  If someone offered you a ride and you climbed into their minivan; and there were cracker crumbs everywhere, and crumbled up fast food bags, tons of balled up receipts, straw wrappers, soda cans, maybe even cigarette packs … what would you think?  Would it bother you or would you even notice?

Do you judge the Perfect Polly who seems to have everything in order, amazing marriage, fabulous house, talented kids, spotless record, flawless skin, tight and tone body … envy her and wish things came so easily for you like they do for Polly? Only later you find out she actually envies YOU and often has thoughts of escaping or running away?

Okay … so now think about the crime shows or movies where there’s a murder or someone goes missing.  They immediately start picking that person’s life apart (the victim).  They go through their financial records, their phone records, their GPS whereabouts, their computer and internet history, etc.  The authorities even go through their house, their closets, their trash, their purse/wallet, desk at work, locker at the gym, medical records, etc.  The detectives pick apart that person’s life looking for clues, right?

NOW .. stick with me a moment … what if YOU went missing right now?  Right this moment.  No time to prepare, no time to hide your secrets or cover your tracks or clean up your messes.  Your disappearance would be a mystery and the authorities would start picking apart your life, inch by inch, minute by minute, text by text.  They would talk to your neighbors and co-workers and relatives, and even your enemies (or perceived enemies).  They would talk to your dry cleaner and your pharmacist and your banker and everyone in between.  What do you think these people would say about you?

What conclusions would they draw about you?  What would they determine about your habits and your whereabouts? What would they discern about your character and your relationships?

NOW — Imagine yourself in a little floating bubble looking down on these frenzied detectives picking apart your life.  Would you be embarrassed?  Would you be happy with the conclusions taking place?  Would you be content with the legacy you’d left behind?  Would you have regrets?  Would you be proud?

But guess what ?!  You. Are. Not. Dead!  You’re probably not even missing.  If you’re reading this, and you’ve stuck with me this far, then this is really good news.  You’re not in a bubble.  There’s probably not even anyone going through your trash 🙂  The only one aware of your every move and every thought is God.  SO, go talk to Him … He is listening.  And truly, HE is the only Judge that matters anyway.

It’s not too late.  If you do not like the way you’re life looks from the outside looking in, or from the inside looking out … now is a perfect time to do something about that.  Remember:  If nothing changes, nothing changes.  Toss those negative thoughts and toxic talk straight into the TRASH … and start building some healthier habits, day by day.


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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3 thoughts on “Trash Talk

  1. Oh this is spot on!!! Love it!

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  2. An encouraging comment. Thank you for reminding me that when I am judgmental or prideful I can always talk to God and seek His forgiveness. And when I have weaknesses or are buried in “the trash” of life I can seek God’s guidance and His plan. He is my strength. Thanks, Deb, for this message that, I am sure, is inspired by God.


  3. Great blog! Wonderful points!

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