Pollyanna Meets Roseanne

Once upon a time, I had a dear friend and ‘mama mentor’ of sorts who called me Polly.  My name is Debra Sue, not Polly, but she called me that because she said I was a walking/talking modern day version of Pollyanna.  At that time; I did not even know who Pollyanna was, so of course I had to watch the movie.  Basically; she’s an eternally optimistic child, even in the midst of challenges … and she likes to play the ‘glad game’ and lift people’s spirits.  Okay, i get it – yeah, that’s kind of me.  Most of the time; anyway.  I am optimistic by nature and positive by choice.  I give people the benefit of the doubt.  I trust a lot.  I forgive rather easily. I am not easily offended. I am not overly sensitive. I am not very judgmental. I am not often jealous.  I definitely allow myself to feel my emotions such as anger, depression, etc. ~ but I usually choose not to STAY in those emotional states for too terribly long, obviously dependent on the situation.  However; with that, I can also have a short fuse and sarcastic tongue. Additionally; I am rather straight forward, blunt and to the point.  This can be a good thing and a bad thing for sure.  So you can call me Polly if you want, I don’t mind, I am generally a happy-go-lucky kind of girl.

HOWEVER … um … I am human.  I am female.  I am a mother.  I have my moments, geeze, don’t we all?  Did anybody in here watch that show Roseanne in the 80’s?  Yeah, sometimes I feel like I have a little Roseanne in me, longing to be let out and unleashed on some unsuspecting passive aggressive drama mama spewing her narcissistic garbage.  So in an effort to keep it real up in here, as I proclaim, and show you all that it is not always unicorns and rainbows and fairy dust blowing out of my butt; here are some random things that annoy me, in no particular order.

  • Slow drivers in the fast lane. (probably not alone in that one)
  • People who do not realize the fact that just because THEY cannot smell their rowdy perfume or cologne does not mean that the rest of the world around them is immune.
  • Being accused of something I did not do.
  • Fools wearing their pants falling down.  Pull up your pants people.
  • Women talking on their cell phones in the stalls of the public restrooms, carrying on long drawn out conversations, loudly, for the world to hear.  They’re still talking while they’re flushing.  WHY?
  • Broken promises.
  • People who do not own up to their mistakes and/or blame others.
  • Poor work ethic.
  • Hypocrites.
  • Passive aggressive attention-seeking crap-stirrers.
  • Idiots who do not understand how a 4-way stop sign works.
  • Food in the sink.
  • False prophets.
  • Empty containers in the fridge or pantry.  Is it so HARD to throw it away?
  • People who do not R.S.V.P. or stay true to their r.s.v.p. status 🙂
  • Tacky chipped fingernail polish.  Fix it or take it off.
  • People who throw their cigarettes out of their car windows.  Stop doing that.
  • Litter.  I really hate litter.
  • Hypochondriacs.
  • Bad customer service.  I swear it’s a lost art.
  • Folks who cannot count change back.  It’s not that difficult, really.
  • Lazy pet owners.
  • Fake folks – who are not authentic.  Why put on airs?
  • Cheap tips and bad tippers.
  • and last but never least ~ people who use social media to air their dirty laundry.

And now for your entertainment, here are some clips of Pollyanna and Roseanne.  The real trick will be trying to guess which one I am feeling like today.  Hmmmm…..





As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Meets Roseanne

  1. Very cute blog! Being accused of something I did not do really, really, really irks me, too. Although I’m not as sunny as you. I used to be. Now I call myself and “optimist with experience”. 🙂

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