Three Little Demons

Who are your demons? WHAT are your demons?  What gets in your way?  What do you allow to stand in your path? What obstacles are you just politely staring at; wondering when they will disappear?

I heard a story the other day that fascinated me.  It’s probably been around forever; but it was new to me.  I’ll do my best to re-tell it here.

Satan was talking to three trainee recruiters in Hell. He asked the first trainee demon how he would win souls for Satan. He said he would tell people there is no God. Satan said; “well, you may win a few, but not many. Most people inherently know there IS a God whether they follow Him or not.” Then Satan asked the second trainee demon how he would succeed. The second demon responded that he would convince people there is no Hell. Satan replied: “Well, you may win one or two, but that’s it. Again, most people do in fact know that Heaven and Hell exist.”… Then he asked the final trainee how he’d win souls for Satan’s kingdom. The third demon quietly answered: “I will simply tell people they do not have to decide right now. They have all the time in the world.”. Satan was excited. He praised the third recruiter for he knew he would indeed win many souls for Hell with the weapons of complacency and procrastination.

Now, tell me, are you sleep-walking through your life?  Are you on auto pilot?  Are you comfortable?  It’s not so bad to be comfortable?  I do like my air conditioning and indoor plumbing; I must admit. I am a traveler and adventure-seeker with wanderlust; no doubt ~ but I’m not exactly going to give up modern day conveniences either.  I’m really fond of my refrigerator; even if the ice maker doesn’t work.

Procrastination is a thief.  It is also a liar.  Don’t let it fool you and lull you into this false sense of what is ‘going’ to be or happen.  Ultimately; the only person who is going to make anything happen is YOU.  Or not.  Your call.

Are you a stealth stalker casually observing everyone else?  That’s okay.  The quiet observant ones often learn quite a bit. Sometimes silence is indeed golden, and sometimes we do – in fact – need to be still.   BUT NOT FOR MONTHS ON END. Yes, I am shouting a little.  Maybe someone needs to get your attention.

What exactly are you waiting for?  What is it that you want?  What are you doing about that?  If mediocre luke-warm moments tend to dictate your daily living, what’s up with that?  Are you happy with mediocre? Is your inner sloth obliterating your mojo?

I have far more questions than I have answers.  Honestly; I cannot answer these questions for you anyhow.  You have to do that.  If you’re willing, that is.  If you’re not sure – if you’re in that eternal ‘I don’t know’ boat … jump ship, baby.  Shake things up, get off the couch, get loud, make some noise, and open your eyes.

Life is for the living. I want you to give names to at least three little demons that get in your way.  Like now.  Yes, today. Demons like procrastination, laziness and fear.  Or maybe your demons are regret, indecision and anger.   Give them names, then fire them ~ like the uninvited little thieves that they are ~ who are out to steal your joy.

Bye bye you little devils, there is no room for you here.


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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2 thoughts on “Three Little Demons

  1. What a great blog! And you are so right. Fear is my biggest demon. I am scared of moving (figuratively, not literally), for fear it will be messy or uncomfortable. You called me out! 🙂

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