Any Little Step?

Sometimes, a post needs repeating 🙂

The Healthy Habit Lady

Do you know that sometimes the only thing that it takes to make a change is desire. Once you desire change you open yourself to the possibility of change. Some call this “thought, word, and deed”. This is my take on that phrase. For change to happen first it has to be thought of, you have to realize you want to change. Then you start talking about it in your head, to your friends, out loud to whomever will listen. Finally, you take action. It may be a small action, but the very act of doing something different creates change. You want ‘more and better’? Well, then start making more and better constructive use of what you already have – rather than waiting on what you think you still need. Your only path to having a better environment is by making ‘more and better’ constructive use of your current environment…

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