Got Baggage?

So, you say you’ve got baggage? Well, I can relate, I’ve got some of my own. Literally and figuratively, indeed.  I guess the question is: what are we going to do with it?  It took me entirely too long to unpack my suitcases from my recent road trip.  AND of course; after I emptied the luggage, I wondered why the heck I didn’t do it immediately upon my arrival home.  I needed things that were in those bags, and I was causing myself EXTRA work by having NOT unpacked.

Isn’t this true in life with our ‘figurative’ baggage as well?  We cause ourselves way more work and drama than we need, don’t we?  After all, on this Earth’s journey, it is actually useful to have some baggage, yes??  That is; if we will unpack it and put it to good use. There’s no point in going on a trip and never opening your suitcase, now is there? In the same way, let’s not just wheel around a heavy suitcase full of life issues, but instead open up our bags, evaluate what’s inside, and use the contents to help us and/or others along the way.

Somehow; I picture myself carrying all of these heavy suitcases into the throne room in Heaven and God taking them from me so easily! And then I wonder why I did not give them to Him sooner.

My 70 Toe Family

My 70 Toe Family

As Always, Make Champion Choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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One thought on “Got Baggage?

  1. Very true! (And what a GREAT idea to finally unpack! 🙂 )

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