Which Song Would You Pick?

Which Song Would You Pick?
By: Debra Higginbotham

I’m sneakers and t-shirts, and boots now and then.
No use for high heels … probably invented by men.

I’m proactive, not reactive – I’m loud when I laugh.
I can’t manage laundry; but I CAN manage a staff.

I’m goofy, I’m silly … but don’t fall down on the job,
or I’ll grow grumpy horns, to make a grown man sob.

I’m happy and optimistic with my head held high…
but if you whine and complain, I’ll bid you goodbye.

Lazy drives me crazy. Moochers, just leave me be.
I’m a no-drama Mama … with no time for hypocrisy!

I’m honest. I’m blunt. Why beat around the bush?
And if you’re stuck in a rut, just call me for a push.

I’m chatty. I’m friendly – and I read people well.
If you are not authentic – I almost always can tell.

I’m not a Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart wannabe,
but I was never one to master that Housewifery !

I’m not one for debates. Cat fights aren’t my thing.
I find those gossiping gazelles, just oh so exhausting.

I don’t really drink coffee, and I don’t like wine.
Yet somehow, all these years, I do just fine.

I hate shopping malls. I’d rather hike a hill.
But don’t ask me to run. I doubt I ever will.

My socks rarely match. My nails are often plain.
And I’ve been known ~ to dance in the rain.

I compliment strangers; and oh how I sing off key.
But not at the same time, I fear they may slap me.

I rarely talk politics – but I will always cast a vote.
And I will speak my mind – even IF it rocks the boat.

So now that you know – a few things that make me tick,
if we were going to dance … which song would you pick?


As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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3 thoughts on “Which Song Would You Pick?

  1. Love this. Funny, cute, and good information
    To know about you!! …. I’d pick “follow your arrow” by kasey musgraves. But that is kind of slow, maybe difficult to dance to, haha! You sound like a follow your arrow, let others follow there’s kinda woman.

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  2. “lazy drives me crazy”..Lol. me 💞


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