The Joy of the Jump


So, my kid took this picture of me jumping on the trampoline this morning while everyone was finishing getting ready for school. It’s not exactly a flattering photo, but it is kind of significant … at least to me.

You see, for years, there was no way in the world I would jump … at all … for any reason. Even after I lost a lot of weight, and I bought this mini-trampoline, that thing scared half me to death. I always had a wrecked knee and just the mere thought of trying to actually jump on it seemed insane. I refused to do it in front of anybody at first, I wanted to do it in private. Now? It is no big deal. And my kids jump on it all the time too. I’m like hey now, that’s MY toy, lol.

Moral of the story? Find the thing that scares you half to death and go do that.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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