The Rant to End all Rants

It's BEEN a day !

It’s BEEN a day !

Prepare yourself to be assaulted with a word vomit style rant that is not remotely politically correct.  And just in case you’re wondering, I’m NOT talking about YOU. Unless of course I call you out by name.  Then I am most definitely talking about YOU.

Every once in a while we need to let our innards, frustrations and unedited thoughts spill out all over the place; without fear and worry of offending someone, sounding like a brat who dares to whine, or heaven forbid … appearing human.  Even in this digital age; where every social media post or random complaint lives thru infinity.  So yeah, there’s that. But guess what?  I live on planet Earth.  Even if it is a digital Earth.  I play house in the real world.  I hang out with flawed people.  And I am clearly one of them.  Heck, maybe I’m the most flawed of all.  So here I go …

Mommy Wars: Hate them.  Seriously – stop that crap. Let’s move on people.  If you have kids and work outside the home.  WOo HOo.  If you have kids and do not have employment. WOo HOo.  I don’t care if you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, career-driven mom or what … you’re a mom, period. Why do I see moms agonizing over this and defending their decisions, like ALL the time. Why do we have to compare or compete? Question: Are you doing what is best for your family dynamic?  Yes?  Great. Carry on.

Carpool Lane:  What is it about the concept about dropping your children off at school, or picking them up, that turns people into complete selfish idiots?  Seriously.  I see more rude, law-breaking citizens in a school zone then should be humanly possible.  Slow down people, elementary kids should not have to fear their lives to walk through a parking lot or cross a street.  Correction:  NOBODY should have to fear that.

Litter:  Stop throwing your junk out of your vehicle.  Or your shopping cart. Stop leaving trash in your market buggy.  Why should I have to look at your lipstick stained Starbucks cup?  Why should I have to touch it to throw it out?  Why are my beautiful Texas bluebonnets being obscured by your random Big Mac wrapper?  And for the love of all that is Holy … if you smoke cigarettes … dispose of them properly.  It is not hard.  Why should an innocent fish have to die because of your tossed about cig left on the street that washed into the river?

Education:   I honestly could not care less if you send your kids to public school, private school, charter school, online school or homeschool.  Why should anyone EVER make you feel the need to defend your choices.  Are you doing what’s best for your family dynamic? Yes? Great. Carry on.

Racism:  Yes, I’m going there.  So you’re not a racist.  That’s great.   If you are a white girl, please do not feel the need to tell people that you ‘once dated a black man’ or that ‘some of your best friends are black’.  While both of those statements are actually quite factual for myself, these are not statements that are necessary to post or shout about.  I assure you that your black girlfriends do not want to be held up as trophies in your curio cabinet of status. Your friends are not your awards that you get to prove you’re not a racist … nor do your choices for whom you dated.  Let’s try this.  If you don’t want people to think you are a racist … well then DO NOT act like one, sheesh.  You know I have some friends with tattoos, and I have some friends who do NOT have tattoos.  I once dated a guy who had a ton of tattoos; and that was back before they were ‘cool’, lol.   I do not go around to my inked up friends proclaiming my dating history of an illustrated man just to prove I don’t judge their skin art.  Do I have tattoos?  No.  Do I care if you do?  No.  Stop the judging already.

Body Type:   Are you fat?  Are you skinny?  Are you curvy? Are you tall and lanky?  Who cares.  Are you HEALTHY?  That is what matters.  I hate all these memes that get passed around trying to prove that one body type is better than another, or that at least one should be tolerated.  For starters – I do not care how much you weigh; but for the love of all that is precious, please stop calling yourself FAT.  That is a noun, it is something may have on your body but it most certainly does not define you.  And for the record – the number on a scale is just data.  One tiny piece of a very complicated puzzle.  Stop agonizing over the dang number, stop comparing.  How do you FEEL?  I’d much rather see you concerned about your blood sugar data, or blood pressure, or cholesterol, or thyroid numbers, or iron, etc.  Again – very complicated puzzle.  Stop trying to fit your shape into someone else’s picture.

Customer Service:  It’s a lost art.  Need I say more?

Okay – I’m done.  I feel better now.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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4 thoughts on “The Rant to End all Rants

  1. You read my mind.

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  2. Just wanted add an “Atta Girl” to your post.

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  3. I agree on all counts but can truly identify with the working/nonworking mom debate. The times I worked I felt guilty for being home and all the years I’ve been home I’ve on and off felt inadequate for not having a paying job. Wasted energy, both. I was always making the best choice for my family, regardless. That’s all that matters.


  4. joipowers

    Love it Deb! I agree with all points. I really can’t stand the mommy wars and how we divide ourselves as a people. -Bianca


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