Advocare, Zija, Vemma, Visalus…MLM Overload!

I could have written this myself.

The Joyful Celibate

Maybe I’m reading too much Michael Pollan “In Defense of Food.”

Or maybe I’m tired of telling people to just eat real food and put down the junk.

Or maybe I don’t understand how much time it takes to prepare foods if you’re a busy housewife or a working parent of 6 or a traveling businessman business person.

Folks, how long does it take for you to realize that there is no magic pill out there?  What happened to hard work, getting your ass out of bed to go for a run (or walk) around the block, waking up a little earlier to make some food, taking the TIME to research where your food comes from?  It seems like no one wants to EAT FOOD anymore, maybe because they associate food with weight gain or something BAD or a CHEAT meal.   So they’re DRINKING it in the form of…

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