Mother’s Day – What NOT to Get ?


A picture of me and my mom just weeks before she died.

So, right about this time of year … you will start seeing all kinds of ads to pull at your heart strings, on what to get MOM for Mother’s Day.  You will probably also see blogs and articles with some great, unique, different ideas so you can stray from the norm.  You will see romantic posts and sad posts.  Some are helpful, and some are. just. NOT.

Disclaimer:  Even though I am a mother to four amazing children, it is not my favorite day. Not even close.  But I am tainted.  My own mother died on Mother’s day, so yeah – it’s kinda hard to get excited.   I do try though.  If for nothing else, the kids’ sake. And great kudos go to my husband who both fully appreciates my disdain for the holiday – as well as makes efforts to make it special.  Last year on Mother’s day we went to Big Bend National Park and did hiking.  It was just perfect.  But I digress.

So without further ado, here it is … a list of ideas on what NOT to get that special mom in your life for this holiday.  This compiled list is based on actually speaking with many women and soliciting their opinions.

What Not To Get?

  1. Flowers – many women feel they are overpriced and just die anyway.  Get a plant (or tree) instead, or those edible art fruit baskets.
  2. Exercise equipment … unless of course the mom in your life has specifically requested that, such as a FitBit.  Those seem to be popular right now.
  3. Kitchen gadgets … chances are MOM has more than her share of kitchen gadgets, and unless she has specifically requested an amazing Vitamix or something, skip it.
  4. Cleaning gear … yeah, enough said.
  5. Cheesy mugs … they take up space, collect dust, and unless it is a super special photo mug that is totally up her alley, steer clear of the mug aisle in Target.
  6. Tacky t-shirts … in all probability, mom has more t-shirts than she needs, and mom looks better in clothes that fit and make her feel attractive.  Unless it is personalized with her kids’ names or something, or she specifically requested a t-shirt, just don’t.
  7. Pets … yeah, that’s just not something that should be a surprise.  Pets require lots of care and attention.  Make sure mom is up for that before you spring an energetic puppy on her that needs potty training.
  8. Medical equipment … well you would think this would be self explanatory; but apparently not.  Several moms I spoke to did not appreciate getting blood pressure monitors or scales for their gift.  If they need something like this or require some medical device, just buy it anyway, but don’t put a bow on it and call it a present, okay?
  9. Magazine subscriptions … most moms already have whatever magazines they want, so you are just adding to her clutter.  Unless she has been begging for Reader’s Digest, forego the recurring annoyance.
  10. Knick-knacks … often cheap, they create clutter and it is something else for mom to dust.  Unless she just happens to have a stunning collection of Willow Tree going on; and you know this type of thing makes her giddy … maybe skip the porcelain bell that says ‘World’s Greatest Mom’.

So there ya have it … a list of what not to do.  Obviously, this is just opinion, based on conversations.  Some women actually told me they never get anything, so they would appreciate a shower head if it meant they got a gift, so there is that aspect too.

And here is my final though. Never, ever under-estimate the power of a hand written letter.  That is all.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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17 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – What NOT to Get ?

  1. Agreed on everything but #1- I ALWAYS love fresh flowers and enjoy them down to the very last petal. And the benefit for me is that they die- I don’t have to take care of them! Just throw them in the trash and no more responsibility. 🙂 Even better if they do NOT come with a vase. I have so many that I can put them in my own, and that way I don’t have to debate about what to do with another gift.

    I love stuff that eventually goes away! (Gift cards, for instance. Those go away AND I get what I want with them!)

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  2. great input


  3. I also love flowers but give me a big bunch in paper, I have the vases. I would like to mention what our adult kids do. The son takes dad out on Father’s day and the daughter takes me out on Mother’s day. Not sure if it would work for anyone else but it’s great for us, no mess, no fuss, just time spent one on one.


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  5. Great post!


  6. I would just like a sleep in and to go for a coffee 🙂 Definitely don’t need any more ‘things’!!

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  7. midmimom

    I agree. I would prefer to go out to eat so that I do not have to wash dishes or cook. Or just give me the money so that I can pamper myself with a much needed pedicure =)

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  8. I couldn’t agree more! Great post. I love getting handmade things that I can keep.

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  9. Ugh, I am totally with you on the no knick-knacks things, just one more thing for me to dust, no thank you!

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  10. Awesome list! Number 3 made me laugh! My Father in law was telling me the other day that he had gotten my mother in law a grater for her kitchen for Mother’s day (she’s out of town most of this week so he might try it out for her before she gets home). I’m just not sure that’s going to go over well 🙂

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  11. LovePeaceBeauty

    I love your twist with this post – “what not to get”! I agree, I’m way more in favor of practical gifts or no gift at all – just spending time with my kids is the most important!

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  12. I love flowers, but over the years my husband knows I hate roses. He’s better off getting my a cute little bundle of mixed flowers. My husband has to work mothers day, so it’ll be me and the kiddos spending the day together. I think we’ll hit the park and have lunch.

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  13. a scale????!!! Who’s the genius who thought mom would like that one. Jeesh!!! Hahha too funny!! I actually love the plant idea, thanks for the tip :)))

    Sorry to hear of your mom.

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  14. I am not a flowers kind of gal either, yet my husband insists on getting me them ALL the time. I shouldn’t complain though, huh? Great list! If anyone ever got me a treadmill I would show them how many steps I get on my FitBit from chasing after a toddler all day long! That’s my workout regime these days! Sorry to hear about your Mom, I know that has to be tough. She will be with you though that day in your heart always! xoxo

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  15. I love flowers too! Plants require keeping it alive- not my strong suit. I would love a day where I did not have to cook or clean! that’s all !

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  16. I am so sorry for your loss on Mother’s day. Losing someone is hard enough, let alone it be on a holiday. I will be thinking about you on Mother’s Day. Big Bend is on our list of things to do, for sure! This is a great list of what not to get!! Love it!

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