Resources and Tools

Here are some links and resources that I use and love, so of course, I recommend.  And for the record, I have no affiliation with any of these companies or products.

My pinterest page has some categories you might like for recipes, cooking, smoothies, etc.

This is a great website for clean eating, getting started, keeping it real in the real world and even meal plans if you need.

The Gracious Pantry is another great website for clean eating recipe ideas:

My Whole Food Life is another great resource for recipes, especially for moms:

I recommend SparkPeople for nutrition tracking and physical activity tracking. They have amazing articles, resources, recipes, teams for support, etc. They were critical to me in the beginning of my journey. My username there is HealthyHabitGal … the link is:

If you live in San Antonio, check out the FREE exercise classes that are offered year-round at the various parks throughout our city. There are also many free pools to utilize during the summer, and an indoor pool available downtown year-round.

I am also a big fan of utilizing YouTube for videos to see how to do exercises and even follow routines or challenges. You can get an incredible full body workout with just your own body weight. For example; I follow BodyRock and Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer. I also love anything by Jillian Michaels but the catch is to find someone you like and motivates you; and follow them and watch them.

For motivation, find someone who inspires you and listen to podcasts or subscribe to them. You can listen on your way to work if you need to. I subscribe to podcasts by Jillian Michaels via iTunes.You can also use soundcloud.

Smoothies are a powerful tool. I am a big believer in smoothies and I love The Green Smoothie Girl. This is my favorite website for smoothies and smoothie challenges, but there are several.

Another great resource for smoothies is this …The Blender Babes.

ProteinPowder?  My favorite is UMP by Beverly International.  You can find it online and in various stores.

Protein bars?  Quest is the ticket.  They make protein bars and other various snacks that are amazing.  They even make protein shakes.

A book to help you get started on lifestyle changes and habits that helped me greatly is PUSH by Chalene Johnson. (30 days to turbocharged habits). Here is a link to the book via amazon …

Another book that helped me greatly is called The Spark by Chris Downie. He is the creator of the SparkPeople website. Awesome guy. Very down to Earth. It’s like a 28 day breakthrough plan, but it’s much more than that. Here is a link to the book via amazon.

If you think you may be dealing with food addiction or overeating … this book is amazing. It is called The Hunger Fix. It is a three stage detox and recovery plan. Here is a link for the book via amazon:

If you are a Christian and looking for a devotional and resource to deal with your relationship with food and/or cravings, I highly recommend the website and book. They even have an action book now and workbooks. You can sign up for a free 21 day challenge and devotional.

For Christians, I also highly recommend The Daniel Plan as a tool and resource for nutrition and healthy eating. They also have DVD’s for purchase.

For Christians, I am a big fan of PrayFit – especially for exercise tips. You can sign up for their blog and tips, etc.

That’s it for now.


My Protein Powder of Choice

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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