My Brains Are At War

What I posted a year ago … interesting … I was talking about size 12 pants, and now am size 8. 😉

The Healthy Habit Lady

Left Brain Right Brain Quiz Source:

According to some random internet quiz, I am 34% left brain and 66% right brain.  I have taken these types of things before, and the answers are usually similar, that I am pretty much right-brain dominant.  If you care about Meyers Brigg personality typing, I am ENFP.  (Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving) … or something like that.  If you like Astrology, I am a Leo.

More importantly, I am human and I am female.  These two facts will never change and cannot be disputed, at least I hope not.  Now because I am a female human, I can attach emotions to scientific data, when really – there is no need to do such.

Case in point?  The scale.  When we step on a scale to see how much we weigh, it is simply data.  It is a number.  It has to do with gravity.  It is ONE…

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