Wanna Go Bananas?

Let's go Bananas

      Wanna Go Bananas?

Somehow along the way in raising my daughter, I failed her. Yep, she does not share my love of bananas.  As a matter of fact, she hates them. She doesn’t even like me to eat one in the car if she’s next to me in the passenger seat. This presents a huge problem; I mean come on – bananas are ahhhmazing. Truth be told, she’s a far better eater than myself, She devours vegetables, cooks like a magician and remains open to trying most anything new. I envy this about her.  Yet I digress. We’re talking bananas here.

For someone with SED like me, it is probably a shock to know that I love bananas as much as I do, but it’s true.  I always have.  This was a not a food I had to learn to like or that I can only have in smoothies. However, I am picky about them. They can’t be green, at all.  Brown spots are okay. Life is too short to buy green bananas anyway, yes?  🙂  I even read some research one time that suggested the riper bananas, especially with brown spots, are healthier. Who knows if that is truly accurate, but I do prefer them this way. Just not too mushy please. If you want to read an article about ripe vs. Unripe, go here.

Meanwhile, if you’re not already a fan of the yellow boomerang, here a few benefits that may encourage you to give them a whirl (even if that whirl is in a smoothie).

  • They are filled with Vitamin B6, Potassium, low in salt and have a low Glycemic load (good for diabetics).
  • Why is the B6 important?  Well it helps reduce swelling which is fabulous for diabetes and weight loss. B6 also strengthens your nervous system and helps produce more white blood cells.
  • Got an exam coming up, or need to focus?  Bananas help make you more alert … thanks to the potassium.
  • Pregnant?  Bananas help alleviate morning sickness and reduce nausea, especially if eaten between meals as it stabilizes your blood sugar.
  • Get a grip on those free radicals and guard against disease by eating bananas – they are rich in antioxidants, which is important for many reasons.
  • Eat two before your workout and it creates a natural energy punch (and inexpensive too).  It will help you sustain your blood sugar.
  • Bananas also help guard against muscle cramps – during the workout, as well as those nasty charlie horses you can sometimes get at night.
  • Use bananas to guard against calcium loss during urination, as well as build strong and healthy bones.
  • Bananas also help alleviate PMS symptoms.  Yep, it is true.
  • Lose the Tums, bananas are a natural antacid and provide relief from acid reflux, GERD and heartburn.
  • They naturally sweeten any dessert.
  • Bananas are a prebiotic and good for your gut by promoting healthy bacteria.
  • Rich in Pectin, bananas aid in your digestion and naturally chelate metals and heavy toxins from your body.
  • Constipated?  Bananas can help regulate your bowels due to their amazing fiber content.
  • Got the runs?  Bananas help restore your electrolytes – and are soothing to your digestive tract.
  • Bananas are the only fruit that you can eat if you have ulcers. They coat the lining of your stomach to ward off corrosive acids.
  • They create a wonderful aroma when you’re baking yummy treats like banana bread or muffins. They provide a rich and moist texture.
  • Bananas can help fight depression as they contain a high level of tryptophan – which is converted into serotonin. You know, that happy mood brain thingy we all need.
  • And as for those smoothies, they create a rich and creamy texture – which is especially good for folks like me who struggle with texture issues.
  • Bananas can also create a decadent and sexy indulgence if you dip them in melted chocolate.  Yes, I went there. Just don’t eat them at a party if you’re trying to impress someone.  It may go awry. (tee hee)

Okay, so now you’re sold.  Bananas are fabulous.  Keep calm and go bananas.  I said it’s okay.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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2 thoughts on “Wanna Go Bananas?

  1. I’ll eat them, but I’m not bananas about bananas like you are. They’re just another food I eat for balance.

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