The Truth About Women

Do these jeans make my butt look fat ?

Do these jeans make my butt look fat ?

You know what is a very healthy habit?  Keeping the females in your life happy. Whether they be wives, daughters, girlfriends, bosses, etc. Everybody always says that women are so complicated and hard to figure out.  Really, we’re not. Now granted; I am not your ordinary woman… and I am not a girly girl by any stretch of the imagination … but I do know a little bit about my gender.  So let me fill you in on some secrets, in case you need to know. Of course they are exceptions to this secrets … but for the most part you should probably buckle up, I’m pretty blunt.

  • For the important women in your life, know the color of their eyes and their birthday. These things are non-negotiable.
  • Respect the boundaries the woman has set.  No does not mean convince me.
  • Do not talk about her behind her back.
  • Stroke her ego.
  • Offer to massage her feet.
  • Ask her what she needs – then fulfill that need.
  • Ask her what drives her wild – then do it.
  • Ask her what turns her on … and excel at those very things.
  • Never give a woman a gift that suggests some work that needs to be done, unless she specifically asked you for this.
  • Women like to ask lots of questions (usually).  This is not a reason to become defensive or see it as anything other than what it probably is … and that is curiosity.
  • If a woman asks you whether or not something on her body makes anything on her body look fat … the answer is always no.  Now granted, it is a stupid question … I never ask anyone this, truly … like seriously gals – it’s a dumb question.  BUT if you the female in your life asks you this .. there is no possible way it is polite or helpful to tell her that she’s fat. If she IS overweight, she knows it.  If she’s asking, she’s looking for feedback on the clothing or she’s testing you.  Either way, don’t tell her she’s fat.
  • If you want more attention from her, praise what she is giving.
  • Respond to her texts or messages. If you’re busy, just say so  Then respond later.  Express your gratitude.
  • Men are visual.  Most people know this.  Women are somewhat, but usually they’re more verbal.  Speak up. Tell her what revs your engine.  Tell her about the features you find amazing.  Tell her what you’re thinking.  Now we don’t expect men to be as verbal as we are, but a little will go a long way.  Make the effort.  The rewards are plentiful and often those rewards surface in the bedroom.
  • Women tend to over-analyze things .. like why did he do that, and what did he mean when he said this, and why hasn’t he texted me back yet, and why isn’t he talking at dinner … it’s endless truly. Many women over-analyze the why and how of other people.  Try to be mindful of this if and/or when she is driving you nuts.
  • Women are emotional.  Our emotions are often tied to a thousand different physical things happening within our bodies, as well as our reactions to the events unfolding around us, and what other people are going through, and it goes on and on.  Weather the storm.  It is worth it.  Be an anchor for the hurricane, not gasoline to her fire.
  • If a woman has shown interest in you, and you’re really not that into her .. just say so.  You really do not need to make up lame excuses.  Worse yet, don’t just ignore.  Truth is always the best way to go.  Don’t waste her time. She won’t break, she’s not going to die … she can live without you I’m sure.  Be direct, to the point, it gets the job done.
  • Last but never least, don’t lie.  Unless of course she’s asking if her butt looks big and it does … but you know better than to say such 😉

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Women

  1. Great blog! One thing I would add is “If you love her, tell her. Even when you’ve been married 50 years. That’s the biggest reason my first marriage broke up: He stopped telling me he loved me and that I was attractive. This started the decline in our intimacy. If women know they are loved, they can overlook a lot.

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