Naughty or Nice?


So, is the Healthy Habit Lady naughty or nice?  Well it depends on who you ask I suppose, or on what day it is – or what hour for that matter.  Am I Saint? Heck no.  Am I evil?  I surely hope not.  Such is the same with food.

The salad you ate for lunch is not a saint, nor is the cookie you had for dessert considered evil.  Food is food.  It is fuel.  It is for energy. Now obviously some food choices will fuel you better than others,  but can we please stop demonizing every little morsel that someone else deemed unworthy of your taste buds?  Whew.

Am I suggesting you eat crap all day, every day?  No.  Of course not. What I AM suggesting is that you stop beating yourself up every time you fall off the wagon, go off your nutrition plan or taste a delectable treat.  I am also suggesting that you track that stuff.  If you are keeping an accurate record of what goes into your body – I mean every little thing – then you will have a good picture of where your nutrition is heading.  Yes, maybe it needs work. Most people need to work on it, few have it down to perfection. Lord knows I do not.  However; if you are tracking it, then you can adjust it, and move forward towards your goals.

Binge episodes are something else entirely.  I still do not want you beating yourself up over a binge, but that is an animal of a different color, and if you tend to binge … get to the bottom of that.  Figure out why.  Diagnose those triggers.  It is not healthy, but it is not evil either.  Seek help if you need to do so.  Reach out.  I promise you – you’re not alone.

Well there ya have it, folks – I’m just a hot mess like everybody else. Not perfect, yet perfectly flawed.  Am I naughty?  Am I nice?  I’m somewhere in between.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady



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