Dream Recipe

This is a picture of my new locket necklace that has the birthstones of all my kids. They are truly a dream come true for me.
Meanwhile, I stole this from someone else but I love it.

Successful Dream Biz Recipe


This is perfect for…dreamers, do-ers, creatives, makers, artists, bloggers, stay-at-home parents, entrepreneurs, health enthusiasts and world-changers. Is that you?
2 cups passion
1 cup determination
1/2 cup heart and hustle
1 tablespoon of faith
1/4 teaspoon sweat
A pinch of desperation
And a whole lotta love
1. Believe in yourself first.
2. Write your dreams down and get clear on WHY you want to make them happen.
3. Find a community, mentor, or a program that will guide you to start taking action.
4. Follow your dreams one “imperfect” action step at a time.
5. Let go of anything that is not serving you or your mission to change the world.
As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady
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One thought on “Dream Recipe

  1. That’s awesome!


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