Popeye Is Not My Friend


Today, my boys begged me for food from Popeye’s.  In case you’re not familiar, it is a fried chicken fast food chain.   I gave in, I agreed.  Big mistake. Huge.

Here’s the thing I find ironic.  I barely had a few bites of this food, and it made me horribly ill.  However; there was a time .. many moons ago … that I used to love this place.  I did indeed LOVE that chicken from Popeye’s.  Come on, you know you sang the commercial with me just now.  The biscuits, oh my.  The mashed potatoes, heaven.  The chicken – well it was my fav.  Not anymore.  Not only did this food today make me sick, it literally made my insides hurt.

Please don’t miss my point here.  It is not to bash Popeye’s.  My children did not get sick. This is not a bad restaurant.  My point is this:  Know your body.  Once you change your lifestyle, and your body becomes accustomed to certain things, or unaccustomed, it’s hard to enjoy it like you used to do.  I cannot eat this stuff anymore.  I just can’t.  Not everyone is like me, some people can go years without a certain food and then eat it again, and be  just fine.  My body is not wired that way.   My stomach rebelled in a bad fit today and let me know in no uncertain terms, this food is not welcomed.

So when you know better, but do something anyway, be prepared for the consequences. That is pretty much true in all of life, I dare say.  I knew better.  I knew I had not eaten this stuff in a very long time for a darn good reason.  I did it anyway.  Yikes.  Now here I am swearing I will never do this again.  But the truth is, I might, and I probably will.  Although it may be a good long while.  And if I do, the consequences will likely be similar.

Now tell me, is there a food or something you used to adore and inhale but now makes you hurl?  I’d love to hear your take on this.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady


Photo taken today – BEFORE I got sick

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7 thoughts on “Popeye Is Not My Friend

  1. Rachel

    This happened to me Saturday night. Honestly, I was frustrated my weight didn’t change so I went rogue. Breakfast was good. Then lunch came and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Mistake 1. Then, I actually made dinner and it was good. Then my sister came over and brought cookies, mistake 2. We went out and I had one drink. Mistake 3. The mother load of all mistakes caught up to me fast. Movie theater popcorn with herbed parmeson added. My skin is getting goosebumps just thinking about it. The popcorn was good. Great even. Then it hit me- I was sweating, my stomach was cramping, I had to get out!! I have never in my life left a movie early but it was either me leaving or letting my white pants become the internet’s next meme. My body couldn’t decide which way to get this food out of my and it wanted me to know! It was horrible and I felt like I was dying!! Luckily we made it home and my white pants were in tact. I shall never forget though. When you eat junk, your body feels like junk!! I now have the food on my tracker with negative 16 points to remind me of what I have done. As if the physical reminder wasn’t enough, the mental one is there too.


    • DeeDee Kirby

      I went AIP in February to try to get a handle on my joint pain. I gave up so many things and the pain DID improve and my IBS got better! How easily I forgot what it felt like to eat them. It just isn’t worth it anymore for me. Unfortunately when it hit me I was at a sporting event and had to pull my family away from it and catch the Metro home (we had come in on it). It was me and the Lord as I had to switch lines with 10 minute waits each time (felt like hour long waits). I was in so much pain! Why oh why do I think I need those foods that make me so sick??


  2. happens to the best of us – I had to leave a movie once when I was pregnant cuz I couldn’t stop hurling, lol … fun times !


  3. DeeDee Kirby

    I went AIP in February to try to get a handle on my joint pain. I gave up so many things and the pain DID improve and my IBS got better! How easily I forgot what it felt like to eat them. It just isn’t worth it anymore for me.


  4. I so understand! That is one of the hardest places for me to eat.


  5. if the kids want to eat there again, their FATHER can take them, lol


  6. Jill Elaine Buck

    Interesting. I can eat chicken fingers at Bushes, Bill Miller – but NOWHERE else! And Popeyes, Churches, and Louisiane . . . . nope.


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