21 Years in the Making

My baby girl turns 21 today.  It’s quite a story, let me tell ya.

I don’t know what she weighed, or if labor was delayed …
if she was bottle or breast fed … or the first word she said …

I didn’t teach her to walk or how to use the pot …
but man once I got her … she sure taught ME a lot!

She arrived at age four, we adopted her at age six,
an energetic ball of fire – such a perfect mix.

A blessing straight from God, was dropped into my life …
and suddenly I was ‘mom’ – not just a working wife.

My one and only daughter, never grew in my tummy …
but life with this girl is artistic and oh so yummy.

I’m so glad she was born, and ended up with me ..
I didn’t even know her – – on that day she made history.

I was living in Texas ~~ and teaching a computer class,
with no inclination- of what would some day come to pass.

Yet that day she was born – was the same hospital as I …
oh how I would have loved — to hear her newborn cry.

We share a genetic mutation – yet share no DNA …
and she is etched in my heart, forever and a day.

She’s generous and sweet and feisty and kind …
stubborn, determined – a rare treasure to find.

She’s brilliant, articulate and smarter than you think …
but don’t try to catch her – you’ll miss her if you blink.

She’s fierce and she’s loyal and hilarious indeed.
And she’ll drop what she’s doing to help a friend in need.

She’s impulsive and crazy, but in a good way of course …
she can catch a fish and she can even ride a horse.

She can be a girly girl — OR get messy in the dirt …
she’s outgoing and friendly — and an eternal flirt.

She was surely born– with beauty and brains!
And she plays many instruments, with music in her veins.

She’s ‘kinda’ grown up – 21 years old today.
My daughter, my friend .. happy happy birthday !

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