This Is Me ~ As Is

Have you moved your body today? Did you break a sweat 💦?? Lord knows, I did.  Truth be told, though, I was not excited about getting outside.  It’s 90 degrees here today, and humid. My leg hurts and is bothering me.   I really wanted to be lazy and take a nap. I did not do that.   I decided to go for a long walk outside.  Trust me, the walk served me well.

This is me, no makeup, no filters.  There is nothing in my hair but the wind.  I am not wearing any jewelry.  However;  I AM wearing deodorant! So, this is at me nearly age 50.  This is me ‘as is’, take it or leave it.  I make no apologies for my selfies. I refuse to water down my message. Take care of your bodies my good people, it’s the only skin you’ll ever live in.   Consider this healthy habit tip #914:  It’s okay to be uncomfortable.

As always, make champion choices,
The Healthy Habit Lady



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2 thoughts on “This Is Me ~ As Is


    “As is” is perfectly lovely my friend!


  2. Kama Perry

    You look great!


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