What was the last lie you told? Who did you tell a lie? Was it yourself? IF so, stop doing that. I’ve always told my kids never lie to your doctor or your mama. We could probably add lawyer to the list. Like how on Earth is your doctor going to help you or heal you if you are providing false information? So please do not lie to your doctor; but definitely do not lie to yourself.

Here’s the thing …. do you even know if you’re lying? Maybe it’s a false illusion. Maybe it is a wish you are turning into a reality. Maybe it’s denial. At any rate; it is very difficult to grow, change or evolve and improve if you are working with bad data. Self awareness is a beautiful thing. What are you good at? What are you bad at? Where do you struggle? Where do you thrive? What frustrates the heck out of you? What elates you? Do you even know? IF not, figure that crap out.

Before I could change my lifestyle and get healthy; and lose weight, I had to get down and dirty 100% real with myself. I had to call myself out on my own bullshit. It is very difficult to lose weight if you do not know why you’re fat. You may lose it temporarily, but if you do not get to the core of the problem, the weight will return with avengance. Name your demons, one by one. Celebrate your wins, regardless how small.

As always, make champion choices
The Healthy Habit Lady

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